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The 7 Best Nike Shoes To Buy in 2019

Nike is known all around the world for their unique, innovative athletic shoe designs. According to reviews, the following are the 7 best Nike shoes to buy in 2019. 

Nike Air Presto

The Nike Air Presto is a feather light and futuristic shoe that creates the sensation of walking on a cloud. The breathable material used in the construction of this shoe allows your feet to breathe. The upper of the shoe is super stretchy, allowing for comfortable movement. Initially designed in the year 2000, it has come along way and is still favored by many people. It is an excellent shoe for running or merely wearing as a leisure shoe. This Nike model shoe is one of the lightest that Nike has to offer. However, it still provides safety and comfort for the person wearing it. This shoe is easy to pull on and easy to take off. 

Key Features of the Nike Air Presto:

  • The foam midsole is featherweight
  • Breathable and adaptable stretch upper mesh
  • A perfect lightweight shoe for running
  • Also great for leisurewear
  • Stable traction with the rubber pods at the heel of the shoe
  • Heel pull tab for ease in putting on the shoes on and taking them off

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Nike Air Huarache 

It is a great shoe made by Nike produced for everyday wear. The Nike Air Huarache is constructed with dynamic fit technology. This shoe features a color blocked heel cage. It also is built with a neoprene sleeve that comes in a host of colors. The original concept of this iconic shoe was designed in 1991. Since then, it has been totally re-engineered to become one of the most comfortable shoes, and it is often one of the most popular basketball court shoes. 

Key Features of the Nike Air Huarache 

  • A 3 layer mesh and perforated foam for optimum breathability
  • The overlay design is modern and sleek and is a no-sew model
  • The heel has rubber pods for excellent traction 
  • Air sole cushioning
  • Lightweight comfort
  • Large range of available colors
  • The midsole designs also double as an outsole

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Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer Sneakers

It is a very high performance attractive shoe. It is a cross style trainer and is built for support and to meet aesthetic expectations. A great shoe to wear to the gym for dynamic workouts. This shoe fits like a sock due to its unique woven design. It is quite flexible with its flex grooves and allows for a wide range of motion that is required when walking or exercising. This shoe features multidirectional traction to provide safety while wearing the shoe. 

Key Features of the Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer Sneakers:

  • Features dynamic fit technology for a snug comfortable fit
  • Super traction outer sole provides non-marking traction
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Wide grooves to allow for natural foot movement
  • Very easy to pull on and off

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Nike Air Max 97 QS

The Nike Air Max 97 QS has been a long time favorite sneaker. Over the years, there has been little change to this classic design. It has been constructed with popular Nike details like reflective piping, Max Air cushioning, and water-ripple lines. The original model of this shoe debuted in 1978. The Air Max 97 was Nike’s very first full length air shoe. This shoe continues to be a favorite model. 

Key Features of the Nike Air Max 97 QS:

  • This shoe is available in synthetic, leather or textile material
  • For added stability, this shoe has a stable lace up closure
  • Max Air cushioning full foam sole
  • Rubber outsole for tractions support 
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

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Nike Sock Dart

This unisex Nike shoe that fits and feels as comfortable as wearing socks are very sturdy and stable running shoes. These breathable running shoes are super soft but also are constructed with a secure structure to provide you with stability. While wearing these shoes running, your feet can breathe and stay cool. 

Key Features of the Nike Sock Dart:

Feel and fit as comfortable as a sock

Natural foot movement provided by the flex heel grooves

Adjustable midfoot molded strap 

Phylon foam is full length 

Rubber sole designed for shock absorption 

Large variety of unisex colors 

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Nike Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoes

The Nike Lebron Soldier IX Basketball shoes provide extreme support to keep your feet locked into place. This shoe is constructed with a breathable, lightweight mesh upper. It is a great classic basketball sneaker that looks great on and off the court. This Nike shoe is built with plenty of Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Also providing multi-surface traction for the extreme activity, the sport of basketball requires. The elongated style of the neck provides additional ankle support when on the move. This shoe was primarily designed for playing basketball and may not be a good choice for other sports. 

Nike Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe Key Features:

Hook and loop adjustable elastic strap closure

No laces to trip over

High traction rubber sole

Complete with Air Zoom cushioned support

Available in a variety of vibrant and regular colors

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Nike Air Jordan Mid

The Nike Air Jordan line is one of Nike’s most iconic basketball shoes. Anyone that knows anything about Nike is familiar with the Air Jordan line. This revolutionary shoe made its debut in 1985 and continues to be one of the most popular Nike shoes. Michael Jordan wore these shoes from the time he was a rookie right up until his first All-Star appearance. Together Nike and Michael Jordan have been a huge combination in the world of sports. This classic shoe has been given a makeover, but still consists of the same basis as the original model. The Nike Air Jordan will be a favorite for years to come. 

Key Features of the Nike Air Jordan Mid:

Cut above the ankle mid height shoe

Stable lace closure

Optimum outsole rubber for traction and grip

Iconic swoosh logo on the lateral sides

Designed as a recreation and lifestyle universal trainer

Large range of modern and contemporary colors

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Choosing the right shoe for a specific purpose is very important for good footcare. Nike is iconic for producing top notch quality shoes designed for specific needs and comfort. Choose Nike, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Superfly 6 Review – Is It Worth It?

The Mercurial Superfly 6 is a soccer cleat offering brought out by Nike in 2018. These soccer cleats are reported to be an extremely lightweight, form fitting, highly responsive soccer boot, that has been built for speed, and is considered one of the best currently on the market today.


The Mercurial line of soccer cleats was originally brought out to the market in 1998 and has since seen 11 progressively improved versions of this product. The Superfly model is actually a variation of the original Vapor model, which is now on its 12th version. 

Technology and Differences

Both the Vapor and the Superfly soccer cleat models share the exact same technology in their general construction, with the only difference between the two models being the height of the ankle collar. Where the Vapor has no ankle collar to speak of, the Superfly 6 has a Dynamic Fit Collar added to it that is really no higher than an ankle sock and, for some, provides a little more stability while still providing ease of movement. Obviously, there are going to be some who prefer a more shoe-like look and feel, so no collar, and that would be the Vapor model.

The Design

The design of the Superfly 6 has all been based on fit, and features a one piece upper created from brand new Flyknit construction, and a new outsole, which combines to provide a custom feel and 360° fit. The split plate on the outsole, or “podular plates,” as Nike likes to call it, are said to provide a lighter more natural feel along the bottom of your foot. The inspiration for this design was actually taken from a cheetah’s paw, which nature has designed to provide better traction and agility at high speeds. Given the focus of speed and agility that the Superfly 6 has been built on, these cleats would be ideal for wingers and strikers whose main focus in a game is being able to exhibit these attributes.


Overall the construction of the Superfly 6 creates a snug but comfortable feel, as though they are a natural part of your foot, or at least a more sock-like feel as opposed to actually wearing shoes. Another bonus to this technology is that because the cleat is so flexible and molds around your foot, they readily adjust to basically any width of foot and maintain their high level of comfort.


So far, we have discussed a lot of pros to the Superfly 6. However, there have also been concerns voiced about these cleats. The main concern being that the Superfly 6 takes quite a while to break-in; they are very stiff right out of the box. This also creates the issue for some people of developing “new shoe” blisters, which is considered generally to be a thing of the past and, therefore, a little surprising. That said, once you have broken-in your Superfly 6 cleats, they are reported to be one of the most comfortable and responsive soccer cleats currently available on the market.


Obviously, the Superfly 6 cleats are not going to come cheap…what does these days? However, compared to anything else on the market, they are still not overly expensive either. After checking a number of sites, we found that the average cost is between $100 and $350. Now the huge gap in cost comes from the different models of Nike Superfly 6 that are available, with the Elite EG being on the cheaper end.


And when it comes to color options, this will also depend on the model of Superfly 6 that you choose. There are a variety of color options, but here a few:

Model Colour Available
Superfly 6 Academy Orange

Superfly 6 Elite FG Black


Ice Blue

Hyper Crimson/White/Metallic Silver/Black

Wolf Grey/Armoury Blue/Hyper Crimson/Black

Superfly 6 Elite FG Volt Yellow/Black

Superfly 6 Pro LVL UP FG Pure Platinum/White/Black


There are four obvious changes from the previous version, the Superfly 5, to the Superfly 6 version:

  • Lower/Scooped Collar – about an inch lower, and a slightly scooped shape, with a small pull tab at the front. Some say this new design makes the Superfly 6 pull on.
  • Outsole – full sole plate has been replaced by the two-part, centre-split “podular plate”, which was enabled by the new Flyknit 360 construction is thought to provide a lighter boot.
  • Texture/Touch – the outer design of the boot in the Superfly 5 featured “Speed Ribs”, which have been replaced by a new microtexture structure in the Superfly 6. This new feature is said to provide an improved “touch” when running with the ball full out.
  • Swish/Branding – the swish on the Superfly 5 was very large, it actually took up most of the outside of the boot, where the swish on the Superfly 6 is much smaller and placed across the toe box. This, however, only appears on the first two colorways. Also, the “Mercurial” trademark information, found on the entire insole of the Superfly 5 is now compacted into the heel section of the Superfly 6, making all of the information easily visible when you look into the boot.

New Releases

Although Nike generally seems to aim for a two-year gap between release of their next version, in July of this year, Nike released the newest version of their Superfly brand, the Nike Superfly 7. There are some new design changes, and a few changes to the technology, although not as many as in the Superfly 6.


In the end, it appears that the Nike Superfly 6 cleats are ultimately a reliable product that delivers a comfortable, form-fitting but natural feel, and hi-tech, high performance, provided you are willing to take the time to break them in properly. And with such soccer greats as Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, and Alexis Sanchez, just to name a few, wearing the Nike Superfly 6, this would surely suggest that the Nike Superfly 6 is worth a try. But you will have to decide that for yourself.

 Brief history of the Nike Company

How Nike Came About

Nike Inc., once known as Blue Ribbon Sports during the years 1964 to 1978, is an American Sportswear Company. In 1964 it was founded and named Blue Ribbon Sports. It’s founder, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Bill was a track and field coach at Oregon University, and Phil was a former student of Bills. It all began in 1962 when Phil went to Japan to attend business school and reached out to a Japanese Company that produced athletic shoes. The company was called the Onitsuka Tiger Company. In order to establish a good business relationship and set up a business transaction with Onitsuka Tiger Company, Phil invented Blue Ribbon Sports.  

Phil received his first shipment of  200 pairs of athletic shoes from Onitsuka at the end of 1963. Phil then stored the shoes in his Dad’s basement and starting selling them at various track meets. Phil did so well with the shoe sales that his former track and field coach, Bill, partnered with Phil by matching Phil’s original investment of $500. Bill worked closely with track and field runners and designed a shoe called the Cortez and took off in 1968. Their very first retail store was opened in 1966 in Santa Monica, California, next to a beauty salon. 

In 1972 they launched the Brand of shoes called Nike. In 1980 the company went public after it was renamed Nike, Inc. in 1978. Nike, Inc. grew very quickly, having distributors and retail stores in more than 170 countries. Nike’s logo, the curved check mark known as the “swoosh” became known worldwide. 

Nike Expanded to Include Sports Clothing

Since the company’s inception, Nike has acquired many other shoe companies (Cole Hann and Converse), sporting equipment (Canstar Sports, Inc), athletic apparel, and equipment (Umbro), companies to create a much more diversified product line.  Nike sold Cole Hann in 1988, Converse in 2003, Canstar Sports, Inc. also known as Bauer, in 2008 and Umbro in 2012. 

Nike ACG

Nike’s ACG, all conditions gear, line was created in 1996. This line covers the extreme sports market, including snowboarding and mountain biking. Shortly thereafter Nike began selling portable heart monitors and high altitude wrist compasses. 

Nike Endorsements

Athletes such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, and Roger Federer have attributed to much of Nike’s fame and success. 

Just Do It

In 1988, Nike launched a multi-million dollar tv campaign. It was based on the theme “Just Do It”. The “Just Do It” theme is still actively well known today, with many of Nike’s clothing apparel sporting the slogan. 

NikeTown Chain Stores

The first Niketown chain store opened in 1990, where customers could pay tribute to these highly regarded endorsement spokespeople, and shop for a wide range of Nike products. 

Overseas Working Conditions

In 1990’s Nike, Inc. faced some criticisms regarding poor working conditions in overseas factories for a brief period of time. Allegedly Nike factory employees in the Asian contract factories were unpaid and expected to work in poor conditions. 

Manufacturing of Nike Products 

Almost all of Nike products are made by independent contractors. Most of these contractors are located overseas. However, Nike is very heavily involved in the design, development, and promotional marketing all Nike products. Nike is best known for their athletic shoe and apparel line. 

Sports Events

One of Nike’s long term marketing strategies was to organize and package sporting events. Together with Mike Ovitz’s Creative Artists Agency, this was made possible and put Nike on the same levels as large sports management companies like IMG, ProServ, and Advantage International. 

Negotiating Sports Contracts

Nike also acted as a sports agent and negotiated contracts for Alonzo Mourning, Scottie Pippin, and others. Nike also continued to retain Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley as their company’s spokesmen. 

Nike’s Biggest Rival

For many years, Reebok, Nike’s biggest rival in the U.S. market, stayed ahead of Nike with sales. However, Nike managed to pull ahead of Reebok and many other competitors like Adidas and Puma. 

Nike Survives Protests and Boycotts

Over the years, Nike has been under scrutiny for allegations of  employing children, underpaying, mistreatment, and exposing workers in Asian Contract factories to poor working conditions. This population of these workers was close to 400,000 and were responsible for production of the majority of Nike’s shoes and apparel. Soon after these outbursts Nike assured the public that changes were being made to the Asian suppliers employees. The minimum age of employees was raised, independent inspectors were allowed to inspect the factories, and air quality standards were firmer. Nike was also ridiculed for being a multinational company that promoted global brands. 

The Techlab Division

In the year 2000, Nike created its new Techlab division. This division was responsible for designing and marketing sports technology accessories. This initiative was to target the generation Y group. Nike sold digital audio players, portable heart rate monitors, and high altitude wrist compasses. In keeping up with modern technology Nike also began selling their products online through their company website directly to customers. 

Women’s World Cup – U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team

Nike finally began to regain the public’s positive attention when they sponsored the winning Women’s World Cup, U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. 

Some of Nike’s Competitors

Nike is involved in a very competitive market. Some of Nike’s competitors include:

  • Adidas
  • Callaway Golf Company
  • Levi Strauss
  • Spalding
  • The Timberland Company
  • FUBU
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Timex Corporation
  • Tommy Hilfiger Corporation

Nike prominently has higher sales than many of its competitors and continues to strive to be number one in the industry. 


Nike’s commitment in continuing to produce innovative and quality products year after year has led them to become one of the largest sporting shoe, apparel, and equipment companies worldwide. Nike stands behind all of their products. If you are not happy with Nike products you have purchased and the retailer you purchased your Nike merchandise from does not satisfy your needs, contact Nike directly, and you will be well taken care of.